Sunday, June 27, 2010


Salam guys.. I'm currently packing for my winter trip, which will cover Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. Yeay! The most awaited event for this year!! Well, apart from being able to go back to my homie sunny Malaysia. ^_^

My room now is a total mess. Every space of my bed is covered with clothes. I need to pack for this trip and also my returning to Malaysia. Owh! Lot of stuffs to be done by tonight. Yes, by tonight. InsyAllah..

Owh, I need to make a video call at 11 pm (aka 9pm Malaysia time) with my family right after this. Ayah nak menyampaikan amanat2 terakhir sebelum berjalan - jalan ni. Hee..

My flight is on this Tuesday morning and almost all of us (biotechnology batch 2010) join this trip. And my flight to Malaysia will be on 16th noon of July. Pray for my safety and the barakah of the knowledge that I will gain from this trip. InsyAllah.. =)

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