Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Study week has begun, final exam is getting near..

Starting from yesterday, study week has officially begun. It's a week left before my final started. Rewinding back my memories to 2 weeks ago where there were assignments to be submitted every single day. Fuh.. Alhamdulillah that part was done. I manage to get through. =)

When I think back about the misery I've felt 2 weeks ago, now I realised Allah never break His promise. He says in Inshirah verses 5 and 6:

"Maka sesungguhnya bersama kesulitan ada kemudahan. Sesungguhnya bersama kesulitan ada kemudahan."

When I wanted to submit my biochemistry write up, there was like 2 minutes more before the due and we just finish printed out the assignment. Any submission after 2pm will be penaltilised 10%! We've been running like crazy from the printing shop to the chemistry and bioscience building. I whispered, "Jangan la kene 10% penalti sebab lewat 2 minit, aku da tak tido 2 malam semate2 nak siapkan ni!" And I prayed, "O' Allah ease our job today"

And Allah says, verily with the hardship there is a relief remember? Yup, we arrived late like 3 minute pass 2pm. And with Allah's will the barcode scanner to record our submission time broke down. (Aku da senyum sengih2 kat depan ofis tu sambil tercungap2 tarik nafas dek penat bermarathon dalam uni) That's the relief from Allah. Alhamdulillah! senyumkenyit At that moment, any submission was handed in by hand and no submission time will be recorded. Yes!

A week after that, I started to receive one by one, the marked assignments from other subjects which have been submitted earlier. And I scored a very good mark (I would say.. sengihnampakgigi) for every piece of assignments. Alhamdulillah lagi!

Owh yah, felt very grateful when 2 of my friends offered themselves to proofread my writeup for Field Ecology. Thanks to Sharon Edgley and Paul Emmanuel. Love you guys! Alhamdulillah lagi dan lagi.. =D

Ok, now it's time to fight for final. Biochemistry has lot to cover, I mean a LOT! Ecology and biostatistic? Under control. Hehe..

Safwanah don't stress up darling. You have Al Quran, you have Mathurat. Use those to ease your stress. Insyallah..

P/s: Mintak maaf kat sume kalau ade salah silap, halalkan makan minum, berkatkan ilmu yang korang pernah ajarkan kat aku ye..