Saturday, June 19, 2010

Just because you're smiling..

Salam guys! =D I just got back from the uni. One paper down and 2 more to go. Alhamdulillah the questions that came out were very2 similar to past year question. Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah.. =)

This post is about what had happened to me just now on my way back. It was like 20 minutes pass 5pm (da gelap sangat macam awal pkul 8 malam kalau kt Malaysia) when I've done with my mahgrib prayer at the uni. So, I waited for the bus. And because it's Saturday, the bus only arrive at 30 minutes interval.

Minutes passed, and to keep the story simple (ehehe..) the bus finally arrived on time, punctual as they always do. =) I was just about to secure my feet on the bus, when I heard the bus driver greeted his passenger cheerfully. He sort of yelled, "On board guys! On board! Happy to see you tonight. May you have a good blessed day. Come and have a safe journey with me". Lebih kurang camtu la bunyi nye, laju sangat die cakap plus Australian slang yg pekat.

And when it came to me he said, "What a beautiful smile you have". Hee~ Maybe the relief and happiness from being able to answer the exam questions just now still apparent on my face. Plus the bling bling shined from my braces that gave an extra effect to my smile. Huhu.. When it was my turn to touch the Go card on the reader, teet teet "insufficient balance" appeared.

So I showed him my 2 dollar coins as a sign to purchase the paper ticket (kat sini paper tiket mahal beberape sen dari Go card). He grinned back to me and whispered, "Owh that's okay. No need to pay for this ride". I was like, "Aaa... (lambat sikit nak register pe yg die maksudkan) Owh! Okay, thank you!" =DD

With a happy feeling I leaved him and searched for a seat. And I managed to glimpse to a woman lined behind me, she need to pay for her ticket. I got a free ride, again just because I smiled.. =)

The prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has said, 'Your smile for your brother is Sadaqah. Your removal of stones, thorns or bones from the paths of people is Sadaqah. Your guidance of a person who is lost is Sadaqah' [Bukhari]

So smile even you have braces like me. Hehe..
(Miss you Aida~)


浩然仔 said...

Hi, this is Hao Ran. So you have a blog too, haha.

Good luck for your exam!

Safwanah Azmi said...

Hi Hao Ran =)
I was about to be your follower
but ur blog is written in chinese
I can't understand a word!

ayucera said...

freiendly la bus driver to.siap greet korg lagi.lain btol dgn yg ada kt sini.huhu

Safwanah Azmi said...

klu la bole bwk attitude tu balik Msia best kn? =)

And lagi satu budaya kt sini, every passenger haruslah thanked the bus driver. Even klu nk kluar kne gne pintu blakang, they will shout to the driver in front, "Thank you!" or "Cheers mate!" sblum kluar.

Lame2 kite pon terikut, and bile kadang2 terlupe nk thanked driver tu balik, rse diri sendiri sgt rude dgn die..

maggiesedapgiler said...

bling bling from the braces? ha ha.memang style.