Monday, January 10, 2011

Skype-date and flood: what's the link between these 2?


Last Sunday I skype-date with my father. He asked about the current status of the flood in my area.

Father: So how's St Lucia? I found out from the news, it's getting worst huh?

Me: Owh, St Lucia is still safe. And the uni is still on like usual. I even went to the lab last Friday. I believe everything is good!

Father: Owh okay. Just take care of yourself. And plus, your house is located near to Brisbane River aite?

He googled my location and showed me the map through his iPhone.

Father: See this. (And obviously the picture of the map is not clear when you skype) This is Guyatt Park, and this is your house.

Me: Yup, you are right. But I don't think is going to flood over here. Our area is pretty high.

Father: Yup but just be careful will ya. The news told me that the northern part of Queensland is already submerged!

Okay I don't have a tv, so I don't know the latest news. >.<" Then I showed him this.

Me: Ayah, look at this!

And as I stated earlier, the picture came out to be blurred and distorted through the skype frame. It was not as clear as this.

Father: Who's that? Is it _ _ _ _ ? (Okay siapa tahu sila isi tempat kosong ;p)

And he gave me his mocking smile.

Me: Laa... Why should I put his picture as the wallpaper? Ayah ni..

And today is 11.1.11. This is going to be a history for me.

Brisbane town council has already announced that Brisbane city and St Lucia (where most of the UQ students live) will be hit by flood due to overflowing of Brisbane River. It is expected that the flood will be 6 meters high by Thursday if the rain continued. Plus, they are also releasing the water from the nearby damp.

More news and current status of Brisbane flood here. Click the link to find out how worse my situation is right now. :(

And this is the map for my area released by town council entitled: Brisbane flood map. Remember the Guyatt Park I've talked earlier? That park is near to a ferry jetty. And see all those blue area? That blue area is expected to submerge by Thursday. Meaning that the whole Guyatt Park will disappear by Thursday!

The purple circle is my house and the red circle is where we gathered in senior's house for now. We are going to stay here till the flood is over.

The airport service is off, all shops are closed, the class were canceled. They told us to buy food supply for a week. There was no more bread on the supermarket's shelves.

Sooner they will shut down the power supply. No electricity.

And the town council do predict that this time the water level is going to be HIGHER than the flood happened on 1974! That was the last time Brisbane had a SERIOUS flood.

This was what happen 37 years ago.

The latest picture of Toowomba, located only an hour distance from Brisbane city.

So do you manage to find the link between skype-date and flood? The link is what my father said in the skype about the flood finally becomes a reality.

P/s: Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri
The new modified version is: Bah besar di negeri orang, di negeri sendiri tak de la pulak nak bah. 

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