Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New year gift


Below is my new year gift. Please read carefully.

A presentation for my summer project in front of 2 lab teams; SKB's and Ortiz's.

And currently I'm blogging instead of preparing my slides! >.<" Cuak habis sampai tak lalu nak menghadap powerpoints. Gulp~

I have 3 big projects that I'm going to present for tomorrow:

1) Crossing of TDM lines, a late flowering A.thaliana.

To be crossed with flc-3. Please note that the size of these 
siliques are a quarter of your thumb! 

2) Propagation of Bur-0 and Phytochrome C.

3) The distribution of late flowering time based on rosette leaves scoring.

Okay, enough said. I need to finish up slides. 

O' Allah, ease my task for tomorrow, may I present fluently and able to deliver the content of the presentation successfully. Ameen..


ayucera said...

wana u amik plant biotech yee?

Safwanah Azmi said...

yup cik ayu
saye amek bachelor of biotech majoring in plant :)