Friday, December 31, 2010

Summer trip at Newcastle :)

In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful,

I'm going to close my 2010 with this entry. As I promised in previous post, I'm going to share with you our summer trip to Newcastle on the last November. Jeng jeng jeng! =)

Okay, we went to Newcastle separately. They departed from Gold Coast Airport a day earlier than me due to some ticket-booking differences. 

From left: Aziemah, Ras, Ain, Hasanah, Zaira

From left: Aziemah, Ida, Zaira, Ain, Ras

Then they overnighted at Zaira's uncle's house (Erk.. Is the way I've put the apostrophe correct grammatically? Anyone?) for one night. They even managed to visit a kangaroo sanctuary on the next day. And left me behind. So unfair okay. >.<"

Looks cute trying to hold a bread like that. :)

Can be used as a postcard cover aite?

So close you can even touched them!

Hey mate, can we be gang?

Mummy, it's so hot being in your pocket all the time. 
Can I play outside to get some fresh air?

Then, a day after that I've joined them. We went to the beach. Unlike Gold Coast's beaches, you can hardly find people in this particular beach. Weird huh? But it was awesome and so private! 

See, no people to disturb us camwhoring. Wink2.. ^_^

Enjoying the cold breeze. Wee~

We were there till sunset.

Beautiful right? Praise be to Allah who creates all these. =)

The next day, we went for a sandborading. Whoa! 

Tadaa.. Presenting the Australian version of Sahara! Hehe.. 
Okay tipu.

Ras and Ain

Me and Ida.
Look at the beautiful sky behind us! Allahuakhbar.

Another postcard picture? :p

Very fine sand. You can zoom in the picture if you wish. 
And try to focus on our socks. :)

They even have camel rides! I've told you we were in Sahara desert.. :p 

The wind was too strong and blown away all the sands onto my face.
Can't properly see the camera for a picture. Sigh.. :(

The owner to all of the pictures I've uploaded in this post. 
Credit to her and her awesome camera! :)

And now, enjoy some of our recording!
(I want to apologise for the quality and the background sound + some dialogue that got recorded! Haha..)

SLOWLY landed, chicken me. Hehe..

So FAST + peace signal = awesome landing. :D

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