Sunday, December 12, 2010

Moving to Melbourne

Bismillahhi rahmanni rahim,

Some updates: currently my housemates and I are in house-hunting mode. We have put 2 tenant applications and still have few house inspections to be made. Phew! Hope to get the BEST house with the cheapest rent for another 2 years studying at UQ. ;)

No worries as this post is not about me moving to Melbourne  ye kawan2 (as you can see from my previous sentence). SKB lab is the one that's going to move to Melbourne uni (Clayton campus) probably around September next year. As Dr Suresh got his fund from Aussie's government and not from UQ specifically, so it's not a problem to move the lab to Melbourne.

I just knew about this from my previous lab meeting. At Melbourne uni, the lab will doubled from it's current size and they will have their own plant room! Melbourne uni also have stronger expertise in genetic (as Suresh told us) which is an advantage to the SKB lab. 

The thing is, I've already made up my mind to have my honours project from the SKB lab. Sigh. Now I need to find alternative. 

Or...... I might consider doing a transfer credit at Melbourne uni for my final year?? Hehe.. That sounds interesting! Clayton campus pulak tu kn? Da la syurga makanan halal kat sana.. Sisters from Melbourne, please do welcome me. ;p 

Below are pictures of the current SKB lab early in the morning. Saye pelajar contoh ye datang awal2 pagi.. Hee~

My lab coat, no. 4.

Our (me and Vignesh) working area.

The close up of our workbench.

Lots of reagents! Can you spot which one is the highly used Agarose's bottle? Hehe..

The most precioussss (sila sebut macam gollum sebut okay..) babies. Thousands dollar machines.

 The essence of SKB's lab, Arabidopsis thaliana.

 This is where we keep the plants. The percival allow us to manipulate the temperature. Wait till you see the plant room located at the rooftop of Goddard's, it's bigger! 

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