Thursday, December 2, 2010

The summer lab story

Bismillahhi rahman ni rahim,

This time I'm going to share with you my experience so far with my lab team. My supervisor is Dr Suresh, a geneticist. We call the lab that I'm working in as SKB lab, a short form to my supervisor's name. We shared the lab with Dr Ortiz's team, an evolutionary geneticist. These 2 guys are very kamcheng. Hehe..

So we have students with all sort of education level; pHD, master, honours, undergraduate, and summer research like me. There are 3 summer research students (and counting) currently in that lab. Each one of them are working on different projects, using A. thaliana as model organisms. So we are not using mice ok, nasty~

For this summer research I'm going to work under Vignesh, a master biotechnology student. He is very happy-go-lucky type of a person. I would say he is a very good teacher too. We are going to work on triplet repeat expansion, alternative splicing, RNA etc (sape2 yg belajar genetik or yang seangkatan dgn nye faham la.. hehe..)    

We have a lab meeting twice a week, Monday and Wednesday. The Wednesday meeting is where both Suresh and Ortiz's teams will be gathered in one conference room. So yesterday was my first Wednesday-meeting. We had a presentation done by a pHD student from Ortiz's team. It was about the evolutionary adaption of daisy on changing environment (sape2 yg blajar plant biology masihkah kamu ingat lg topik ni? ;p) The fun part was when Dr Suresh and Dr Ortiz quarrel among themselves over a term that the pHD student used in his presentation.

And hey, they do invite me to the Christmas party organised by the school but I'm not going la. Ntah ade alcohol ke pe ntah lg nanti tak pasal2 je. Heh. But the thing is, they are also planning to have a picnic just for our lab team. =) It will be in a couple of weeks' time. They are planning to play bowl (Australian way of saying bowling ye kawan2..) and cricket too. Owh I  like, I like!   

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