Friday, December 17, 2010

The answer


So have you manage to answer my quiz in the previous post? :)

"C'mon, give it a try", Vignesh assured me to answer his simple quiz. We were on our way to the lab from the plant room.

"HIV?", I gave him my I-have-no-idea look. Okay HIV sounds like the dumbest answer to his looks-like-simple question.

"Not even SARS??", he replied in disbelieve.

"Why is that? Because it's airbone?", I continued. Okay saya memang lemah ya bab teka-teki ni. Sila la tanya sapa2 yang pernah main teka-teki dengan saya. =.="

"Try to get out of science", he gave me a hint after I literally begged for it. Haha.. But still, I couldn't.

More hint please!

"Right now you have it. Even I have it" he replied.

Hoh! Pulak dah. Penyakit apa yang dia ada, aku pun ada?? Uish, sulit ni!

Then Hannes (a PhD student) walk-passed us. Hannes waved and greeted us.

Then Vignesh told me the answer.

"It's a smile. When you smile at me, I smiled back at you and I will transmit the smile to anyone around me, like Hannes just now" he explained.

Well said Vignesh! Let's smile to brighten other's day. Kan sedekah jugak? =)

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