Friday, December 19, 2008

Dentist check up

"Siap Yun, pas Izzat dtg kite pegi terus"

Out of blue, my mother shouted from her room's door. With a quizzical look, I opened the door.
"Ape bu?"

"Siap. Jap lagi nak pegi klinik gigi. Ibu nak tampal"

Owh, ibu wanted to meet her dentist. (Ok, ikut je la) Like a robot following an order I dressed up my self, as simple as possible (pegi klinik je pon). About only 5 minutes driving, we reached there, 'Klinik Pergigian Asfaliza'.

After the 3 of us, ibu, Ika and me registered ourselves, we sat and waited for the doctor to call our names. My sister went in first. The drilling-like sound came out from the operation room soon after that.

"Wah, tu mesti kene tampal jugak tu", I made a guess.

When the eerie-like sound stopped, the door opened. Ibu and me turned in almost unison, looking at my sister with her bleeding gum.

"Fuyoo! Ganasnyer doktor ni. Sampai berdarah".

Next, my turn. I tried to be a stoic ladies, so I stood without looking back even a glance. (Be brave man) I greeted her just to hide my nervous. I leaned on the special chair, occupied with big lamp intented on my face and also a small tray full with things that a dentist need to do their job which attached to the handle connenting tha lamp with the chair. I told her what ibu wanted her to do on my teeth.
"Cuci je doktor"
And the drilling sound seems to echoe in that small back room which they consider as the operation room. Minutes after that I'm done.
"Gigi kamu tak rata tapi bersih la"
Huhu.. A dentist praised my teeth. Yeah.. (I'm proud with my teeth!)
Then I thanked her and walked out from that operation room. Next was my mother's turn. And when she was done, she came and looked at me.
"Nak buat braces tak?"
"Ala, tak yah la"
"Nak tak? Ibu tengah ada duit ni. Gigi bawah ko tak elok la"
"(Pulak dah, die kata gigi bawah aku tak elok pulak) Ibu saggup ke nak bayar?"
"Boleh la, sekarang tengah ade ni. Nak tak?"
"Boleh la, jom.."
Wah, I'm going to have braces... (Tak pernah terfikir pon) And I walked again into the operation room and told the doctor that I wanted to have braces. She smiled....
And the first step was to inject me with some kind of anaesthetic and thus numb my feel nerve. Few seconds after that, I felt that half of my mouth on the right side swelled. Then the doctor use her spanar-like tool and pull out my first molar teeth which is situated after the canine teeth. I was terribly bled.. She quikly put some small bandage-like cloth onto the bled gum and told me to grip it tightly using my upper and lower teeth.
"Miggu depan datang lagi. Kita cabut belah kiri pulak ye"
I noded, barely able to speak a word (OK.... I'll lose more blood, again) Then when the braces has been applied, I will look akin to another Betty.

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