Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's tough to be a doctor

I'm sitting next to Yasmin right now, in her room at 'Kolej Kediaman Ibnu Sina' a.k.a Sixth College of UM. It's been a long time since the last time I met her. She is now in 2nd semester of her 1st year. And now she is finishing her PSS, something to do with Biochemistry. Well, I sneaked her picture out from her folder. That girl, wearing brown in colour tudung and cloth is her friend, wacky crazy Azira. Also a doctor-to-be.

Frankly speaking, this post's title only apply to Malaysia and any country that use the same way of teaching. This system stop student from mingling around and prevent them from joining most of the outdoor activities. (Well, this statement is crystal true only for student that overworried about their result and thus confine and isolate themselves in their room and face the books 24-7) *ulat buku some would said*

By studying medicine in Malaysia, your early adulthood seems to be the long-devastating life ever. 5 years in uni, 2 years HO and not including the failed year which you need to repeat in order to resume to the next year. Plus the 2-month-supplement you might have to endure if you done badly in your 1st and 2nd semester of a particular year.

But, if you see it on the bright side, Semin said this suppplement program will give you an early boost for the next year as your memory is still fresh with the previous year of lectures.
(hmm... betul jugak tu.. tapi seksa la..) (Hai... terpulang la pada individu) Where there's a will, there's a way. A doctor-to-be is always strong in determination.

And by now, Semin has fall asleep with her book opened. She said "5 minutes", but now it's almost half an hour past midnight. Poor Yasmin.. Chaiyok! Chaiyok Semin!


alsyaz said...

xde jurutera ke?

~saFwaNah azMi~ said...

maner plak ko tau blog ak nih?

jurutera xtau cmne, cam ok je idup dorg...

..:: eT ^ zaTieY ::.. said...


sama je
kalo nk jd doktor
blaja kt mana2 pun stress gak la kot

welc0me to the gr0up wana!
add kte k, et_izati89
utk ym

~saFwaNah azMi~ said...

sorry la et, kiter x slalu on ym
hehe... (w/pon ader akaun ym..)

coz everytime nk dowload ym jer, mesti comp block...
x tau nape (kerna ak jahil IT..)