Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pre April Fool?

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the Most Merciful,

So last Tuesday I went to the lab just like usual. They (the pHD and master students) started to give me heaps of thing to do. In the lab, I was like the volunteer aka assistant to any one of them that need helps, in exchange of the new skills that I gained.


Don't limit yourselves, instead open up yourselves to any possibilities.

A skillful and beneficial Muslim is better than pious individual yet have nothing to be offered to the society right? ;)


Still remember the weekly meeting that I need to attend every Wednesday? Actually, that meeting is where people make presentation based on their project, using the slides and powerpoint.

To cut the story short, that Tuesday morning we were working on cloning. Then out of sudden, Vignesh told me that I need to make a presentation tomorrow morning. He said that presentation will be assessed and the mark goes to my final grade for the summer semester.

I was like, "What?! An assessed presentation? What can I present if I have no result? I just got my project like yesterday!"

With his slumber face he replied, "You know right as a summer research student we need to make a presentation?" And he turned to face Gautham (another summer student) looking for a confirmation nod.

Then he added, "Plus, Dr Suresh just showed the criteria sheet to me and Gautham"

My jaw almost dropped. OMG!! I need to present tomorrow in front of professional researchers and I have yet to prepare a thing??! I don't want to fail my summer course!

"This can't be happening. I'm going to talk to Suresh" I stood and removed my lab coat almost simultaneously (ok exaggerating je disitu..). I walked fast towards the doors when Vignesh yelled my name to stop me. When I turned, all of them were chuckling over my anxious face.

And yes, they just PRANKED me! To be precise, Vignesh did. You are one naughty-master-student. Grrr..

And so the motto of the SKB lab applies here, "The SKB lab; where science is fun" Haih~

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