Friday, January 21, 2011

We are flood victims (Part 2: during the flood)


This is a continuation of this post. Still remember that the power supply will be cut off from this post? So this was what we've did as a preparation. We cooked every raw materials that we had in the fridge. From chicken, seafood, egg, fish, to even veggies. No one want to throw all that away when it got spoiled right? Membazir camtu je nanti. 

We cooked almost non-stop okay (nonstop!) before the power cut off. We wanted to ensure that we will have a sufficient amount of food during that period.      

While we were preparing the food supply, we can frequently hear the helicopter sound. It was so close that you was concomitantly wondering, "has the flood reach our street by now?"   

A view from Sis Zatil's house at Warren Street. 
Can you spot the helicopter?

At Warren Street before we left for Central Avenue. Half of the garage was being flooded. 
Do you still want to rent this property? Nah..

Then we packed our stuffs and foods as we wanted to move for a higher place, the Central Avenue. Thanks again to Sis Zatil for her hard work in finding a much higher place for us. :) 

Do you think the ants know that the flood is coming that they 
wanted to move out somewhere higher? (Our seniors' house at Central Avenue)

Some of our food supply. Menu for the first day: fried chickens, boiled eggs, veggies soup, rice. 
Mewah kan untuk mangsa banjir? Alhamdulillah. ^_^ And some plain water.

 From Central Avenue back to Warren Street to gather more foods on that evening.
Can you see how high the Central Avenue is? And try to zoom in to the end of this road.

 Here's the close up view. Blocked road.

As most of us (particularly me) afraid that the food supply that we have might not enough, we went to the FoodWorks located at Hawken Village. The only shop that managed to operate during flood, and they used a generator for their electricity. We went there to grab more loaves of bread. But unfortunately...

The bread's shelves were empty! :( 
(Roti dah habis boleh lagikan senyum? Hehe..)

Same went for the biscuit's shelves. *Double worried*

But, lucky enough that we were early and managed to grab 4 bread loaves at the counter. We were being blessed again! Thank you Allah that You ease our rough situation. :)

I found this service was kind of cute and generous. No electricity remember?
 Thanks FoodWorks!

On the second day at Central avenue, Ainna got a phone call from Auntie Nisyat. It was an invitation to cook at her place (as her stove use gas not electricity). She wanted to finish her meat supply fast as the meat might be spoiled due to power cut off. 

So we went there and we read Surah Ar-Rahman (Allah the Most Gracious) from Quran as our sign of appreciation to Allah for:

  • the food supply we have at that moment.
  • the help that we got from many people.
  • the fact that we are still alive not being drag or drowning in the flood.
  • the house at Central Avenue that Sis Zatil managed to find for us.
  • and many more (!) that you can't finish listing all of it.

"And He gives you of all that you ask Him, and if you count Allah's favors, you will not able to number them; most man surely is very unjust, very regretful" [14:34]   
"Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you deny?" [55:13]
So this was our menu on that day. Thanks Auntie Nisyat! Alhamdulillah2 praise be to Allah for the food. :)

Fried Samosa with potato and curry filling.

Lamb Briyani! Owh yeah..

Carrot and cabbage in a sweet ketchup soup. Masak kicap la..

Curd yougurt and Kheer; a Pakistan's dessert (as told to me). 
Or maybe from India? I'm not very sure.

Disclaimer: Sorry for the last 3 pictures, a bit dark. No electricity aite? :)

To be continued..

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