Saturday, January 22, 2011

The sweet Keria making


I tried this recipe a week before the flood strike us. My friend Syazwani had extra sweet potato on that time. She gave it to me and told me to make some Keria out of it. 

Keria is a traditional Malaysian bite-sized food / snack (snack ke?). You can say that the shape of Keria resembles the normal doughnut, with sweet potato as the main ingredient. It is best serve during tea time (or breakfast for some Malaysian). 

Nyonya Kueh defines Keria as:

Okay enough said, here's what you need:
  1. Sweet potato
  2. Plain flour
  3. Caster sugar (the normal sugar would do too)
  4. Some water
  5. Oil 

First you boil the sweet potatoes to make it soft and tender. 

Then you peel off the skin..

..and mash the potatoes..


Next, add up plain flour bit by bit..

..and mix well.

Add some baking soda if you wish.

Knead all the ingredient together and add some water to form a soft dough.

After that, form a round dough according to your preferred size of Keria.

Flats the round dough..

..and makes a hole in the centre to form a doughnut.

Done with the first part. :)

Next, deep fry the doughnut. 

For the sake of health, do not eat Keria often okay people. 
Deep fry is a no no if you want to look young at older age like Japanese people. :)

Done with the second part.

Add sugar and water on separate pan. Wait till the mixture boils 
and glaze the doughnut with the syrup.

And tadaa! The final product. Nyummies~

Credit to:
The chef: Zaira
The photographer: Me
The sweet potatoes supplier: Syazwani
The tester: Asyikin

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