Sunday, June 6, 2010

Video call 2

Yesterday was my 2nd video called to my family. Catching up some updates with them. Nenek already fully covered after her treatment at the hospital for high blood pressure and diabetes. The fishes that were nurseried by my father for about 6 months, some of them have been sold!

My cats are doing great, even though they took sometimes to recognize my brother back after his 6 months of absentia. (Aku yang 6 bulan lebih da x jumpe dorang ni lg la, ntah kenal lg ke x kucing2 aku tu..)


*Tengah layan nasi goreng sambil tengok cite pe ntah*

*Safwan baru habis exam, semalam smpai umah dr UTP*

And the sad part was, I just found out that they will have a vacation to Singapore next week. Owh! Nak ikot tapi x bole sebab da nak final exam..

Don't leave me.. ='(


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