Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gold Coast

Salam everyone! I've finished my last paper sharp at 8 pm just now. Alhamdulillah Allah ease all the questions for me. =)

Tomorrow is gonna be one long fun day! Wehuu~ I will be heading to Gold Coast again for the second time. Last time it was an awesome trip guided by my senior, Sis Zatil. We went for a Warner Bros Movie World theme park and tried all crazy rides.

Sis Zatil also took us to her favourite Malaysian restaurant! The tom yam was lovely except that they did not serve sambal belacan. Haha.. ;p And did some shopping too. =D

The Superman's ride, Escape..

Batman's turbo car..

Before.. Sempat lak peace2 kat situ..

Oke, jom jerit!!

After, with teary eyes.. Sebab penat jerit2. Haha..

The Shrek!

Yeay! It's Malaysian food..
Tak kisah la mahal ke, yang penting aku da kempunan oke..

Girls night out! =)

I called my father, "Ayah, ayah, bole dengar tak bunyi ombak pantai ni?"

Owh! I almost forgot that I have 2 marked assignments to be collected tomorrow! And need to do some shopping for the cheese cake ingredients. =.=" Ok, got to go. Till the next entry..

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Sachi Asukai said...

beshnyer!teringin rase nak g sana gak..wana,anda ditag!sile jawab ye di link ni