Friday, June 25, 2010

Fraser Island

Good morning and salam guys! Today's weather is great. Ok this entry is about my field trip to Fraser Island. It's compulsory for my Field Ecology course assessment as we need to write a full report about the ecological part of this island. It was on my autumn break (Lame da autumn break tu tapi aku baru nak terkedek2 buat entry.. Hehe..). This 6-day trip was full of fun and excitement!

So what's so special about this island? Fraser island is the biggest island in the world that formed solely from the sand! It is a great place to study how succession and retrogression occur, and for Fraser island this 2 process is happening on the same place which is very rare! (Oke, those are ecological stuffs, just ignore it if you can't really make sense of it.. Hehe..) All 4 of us; Ernnie, Atiqa, Mazni and I (all are doing plant biotechnology) were lucky enough to join this trip. Very lucky indeed!

If you go to Fraser island on your own expenses, it can be very expensive. Just google it and you will know how luxury and high standard it is to have a vacation or honeymoon at Fraser Island. Alhamdulilah! We went there for 6 days plus transport, bunk house (ala2 chalet gitu..) being served by the best caterer in Brisbane 5 times a day, for only AUD 430. Owh! sangat la murah oke... ^_^

Enough babbling. Let the pictures do the story. Credit to Ernnie for all the pictures. I did bring my camera but forgot the batteries. Adess.. =.="

Ferry ride that we took on our way to Fraser island from the mainland. Muke excited!

On our way to Dilli Village by 4WD. Our bunkhouse on the bottom picture. Not bad right? 2 people per bunkhouse.

Gum tree (up) and Satinay tree (bottom).

Eucalyptus tree (up) and sun-bathing iguana (bottom).

Aiseh.. The 4WD got stucked. Let's push!!

Suddenly there was a desert out of nowhere! Hehe.. This is what we call movement of sand dune across the forest driven by the wind. We've been to Lake Boomanjin too. Go google it! This lake was panoramic!

Ernnie with Mazni (up) and with Atiqah (bottom). Love them!!

4 of us with the plant lecturer. Oke Asian mmg pendek, harap maklum. Our course mates (bottom). Around 80 people all together.

Salam winter from Brisbane,

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