Friday, July 2, 2010

A Priceless Sharing at Melbourne

Salam. It's been a week here in Melbourne. It's freaking cold! Haha.. Yeah, it's cold for a Brisbane people but this kind of coldness is still tolerable for Melbourne people. This one week at Melbourne have been great for me. I made lots of new friends that came from different interstate. The new knowledge I got from every activities was invaluable! Alhamdulillah O' Allah for this.

A Welcoming Diner was specially arranged to welcome people from Brisbane, Canberra and Sydney to Melbourne. That diner had been prepared by Sis Muna and her husband. Syukran sis! =)

There's one video presented to us that night and that video really touched me. I want to share this video with others. He's Australian guy.


Most surely in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of the night and the day, and the ships that run in the sea with that which profits men, and the water that Allah sends down from the cloud, then gives life with it to the earth after its death and spreads in it all kinds of animals, and the changing of the winds and the clouds made subservient between the heaven and the earth, there are sings for a people who understand.

Translation in bahasa:

Sesungguhnya pada kejadian langit dan bumi, dan pada pertukaran malam dan siang, dan pada kapal2 yg belayar di laut dengan membawa benda2 yg bermanfaat kpd manusia; demikian juga pada air hujan yg Allah turunkan dari langit lalu Allah hidupkan dengannya tumbuhan2an di bumi sesudah matinya, serta Dia biakkan padanya dari berbagai2 jenis binatang; demikian juga pada peredaran angin dan awan yg tunduk (kpd kuasa Allah) terapung2 di antara langit dan bumi; sesungguhnya (pada semua itu) ada tanda2 (yg membuktikan keesaan Allah dan kekuasaanNya, kebijaksanaanNya, dan keluasan rahmatNya) bagi kaum yg (mahu) menggunakan akal fikiran.


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