Monday, May 31, 2010

Video call

Salam sengihnampakgigi

Now is 1.20 am, on the last day of May.
I've made unplanned video call to Malaysia just now!
Thanks to my brother, Syamim. love

Actually, I just woke up, and replied his comment on my facebook wall. Just made a random request to him to open his Skype account and have a video call session with my family. And he replied, "Oke da bukak skype"

I jumped straight away from my bed, grabbed my camera and headphone and started to setup all the gadgets. With a sleepy face, I hit "video call".

The 1st attempt, blank screen. Owh!

Second attempt, yeay! It's working.

"Ayah nape nampak kurus? Diet eh? Hehe.." teased me.
"Alah kak yun tu yang da gemuk" he replied.
Amek ko sebijik.. Haha..

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