Saturday, May 1, 2010

Good news!


I've sent an email regarding the broken link issues that raised from this post to team. This was my email that I've sent last night:


I just want to know why the video by Mufti Zeeyad for "An Excursion Into The Heart Of Palestine" been removed from the list? My friend missed this session and she is so dearly want to watch this video online. I gave her the link to this video, but a day after that, the video has been removed. This is disappointing.


And to my surprise, they already replied me early this morning!

"Asalam Alaikum, thank you for watching Islam TV.

Our deepest apologies for your inconvenience in regards to the Palestine video by Mufti Zeeyad.

We have been reformatting all our videos into a new format so that the all videos can play much smoother.

Unfortunately we had to temporarily remove this particular video until it was in the new format due to unacceptable play back from the old format.

We are please to inform you that the video titled "Excursion Into The Heart Of Palestine" is now being uploaded and will be available to watch as from today at 10.00 am Saturday the 1st Of May.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

We are also in the process of uploading the footage we filmed at the Mercy Mission Conference that happened in Melbourne three weeks ago on Family Matters and the UMA conference from Sydney.

Please inform your family and friends that Islam TV has now got an even better video format that will insha Allah give everyone a better viewing experience and spread the word of Islam.

Jazac Allah Kahire

Ismail Mehmet

Production Manager


Good job guys! Alhamdulillah thank you Allah.

Pagi2 da dapat berita baik. Harapnye sepanjang hari ni jugak semuanye baik2 belaka..


Eh! Forgot to give you the link!adus




JoeHaiRiL said...

gud job wana!!!

ayucera said...

wow,cepat dorg bg feedback.