Friday, May 7, 2010

Cheese cake

Salam all,sengihnampakgigi

I've just made my 1st cheese cake yesterday. With the help from my housemates, Azzah and Atiqah. Gracias guys! And yeah, I can say it was a success as I managed to produce a similar taste of cheese cake as Secret Recipe's. Hoyeeh! Da x yah tunjuk muke kt secret lg da. I can make my own New York cheese cake! kenyit

*Ni Secret Recipe punye, yang aku baru buat aritu x sempat snap. Looks yummy right?*

I'm going to bake another cheese cake tonight for the usrah and gathering this weekend. Hopefully it will turn out to be one of my master piece. Ececeh..:devilishgrin:Thanks to my great sifu, Wan Najwa for sharing her generation-to-generation recipe. Thanks also to Rafizan for giving me the trigger to start baking cheese cake. Kalau tak, aku malas sungguh nak gi beli bahan2 die...

And yes, I'm one step closer from my dream, to own a bakery shop. Doakan ye!

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