Saturday, May 29, 2010

Winter's coming!

Salam everyone! sengihnampakgigi

After 2 weeks or struggle and busy-ness due to assignments marathon, I'm back! 3 weeks left to final. Owh! And I even have one subject that starts after maghrib prayer! (x pernah2 aku exam malam hari...)

Ok, back to topic. With the ends of May, Brisbane is officially in winter. Eventhough it's never snows at Queensland, but it still cold! And yes, unlike Adelaide, Melbourne and other parts of Australia, the trees here haven't started to yellowish. Thank Allah I'm not destined to study at the snowy country cause I can't tolerate with coldness! Owh, I miss the hot climate of Malaysia so much.. sedih

By hook or by crook, I'm going to get myself a heater tomorrow. I will not allow this freaking cold weather (sejuk la sangat kn? Tapi sejuk jugak...) to bother me especially when the final is just around the corner. Gambatte!

Owh ya, some updates. The last 3 days had been tough for me. I've been overnight at UQ library for the sake to finish my assignments. Under sleep deprivation for 3 days made me felt like, "Am I still alive?" Alhamdulillah, Allah gave me strength. senyum Owh Dr Susan Rowland, please gives me high score for that assingment.. With Allah's will, amin.. doa

*Rakan2 seperjuangan! Muke pukul 3 pg. Credit to Wawa*

*Brrr... Di bus stand pukul 6 pg. Org nk g uni, aku baru nk blk umah. Mandi2 siap2 then g uni balik*


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