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Autumn in My Heart, Tasmania


Again, I'm updating about my holidays. :D Hence my travel log. Nanti bole cerita dekat cucu cicit, masa muda-muda nenek pernah travel sampai mana. Lagi-lagi kalau dah kurang ingatan, atau samar-samar je memori, blog ini sangat membantu. Ewah!

Amaran: Entry kali ni mempunyai banyak gambar. Harap tidak melambatkan browser anda. Kalau lambat jugak nak loading, boleh la baca entry lain dulu sementara menunggu tu. ;p

It was on last Autumn. Boleh consider cerita ni dah basi. Hew hew hew. The trip was between me and Azzah. Any beautiful and sharp pictures in this entry are hers. The rest of the pictures, with some blurry or shaky effect (efek konon nya), those are from my BB camera.

So Tasmania is a small island situated on the south side of Australia. It has two main towns, Hobart and Launceston. We managed to cover both. Alhamdulillah :) 

Our rent car. It was supposed to be a Hyundai Getz but for some reason they
 replaced it with Nissan Micra. 

I can't really recall which places we went first. So the activities I'm about to share won't follow the correct order okay? Let's start.. 

This place is where you can play hide and seek! The major attraction is the mazes. Referring to their webpage, they claim that they are the largest maze complex in the world. It is divided into three main section; the mazes (8 different mazes with different themes for each), lavender farm and the cubby town. We were a bit disappointed as the lavender were not blooming at that time. It was autumn remember? Owh well. The mazes were enough to make us excited and forgot about the lavender farm! Hehhe

 In the Great Maze, the biggest in Tasmazia. Tinggi tak tinggi maze yang ni. Tetibe rase macam maze dalam Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire.

Another maze. We sort of cheated in reaching the final post as we guide 
each other from higher place. :P  

Finally, the cubby town!

Where cute little house are ^^  

Tinggi kami je rumah-rumah comel ni.

House of Evolution. Like really??!

                                       Mushroom house.                                                               Inverted.

Burny Island
Initially, Burny Island was not in our plan. But everyone we met in Tasmania seems to recommend this Burny Island. So we thought, okay let's give it a try! In the end, we were glad to make the correct decision. ;)

The most recommended place, The Neck!

The scenic look out point from the top view of The Neck. They said it's the meeting of 2 seas. 
Yang sebelah kiri berombak, yang sebelah kanan tenang je. Cantik kan? Cantik kan? :D

View from the driveway. Berkabus-kabus gitu. :') Allahuakhbar Allahuakhbar.

Next pit stop, strawberry farm. Owh, the boysenberry ice cream was delicious!

We went to lots of other places and the last stop was to have a taste of fresh oyster. 

See, I told you the oysters were FRESH. =.=' 
Nasib baik ada lemon. Tapi bila makan, laa boleh terima je..

And it's tradition to leave your testimony if you like the oysters. 
Siap tulis Nurul, Malaysia-UQ lagi. Sebelah kiri tu Azzah punya. Heheh

The oyster, hand made souvenir from Burny Island.

Cadbury Chocolate Factory
Ada bunyi macam melawat Willy Wonka Chocolate factory tak? :p Our visit to chocolate factory was started with a presentation about the history of Cadbury factory. Then, they shared with us the step-by-step on how they make the chocolate and the difference between white, dark and the normal chocolate.  

Shop till you drop! Eh, takde la sampai macam tu. 
It just that, all of the Cadbury products sold here were really cheap. Seriously.

Free chocolates!

Dan lagi sekali, kami tidak lupa meninggalkan jejak. Ours were the last two.

Mount Wellington
Mount Wellington is one of the highest peak located very close with Hobart city. We drove all the way up just to enjoy the scenic view. 

The beautiful view from top of Mount Wellington made you ponder of the great creation of Allah Almighty. You reflect on how small creature you really are if compared to the blue sky and the green nature. Subhanallah Allahuakhbar.

Lepas tu baca doa melihat alam ni dari surah Ali Imran [3:191]:
Tu dia bandar Hobart.

Cataract Gorge
They call it as nature within a city. They still preserve the area as it can act as carbon sink for Launceston city. Remember my BIOL1030 project about Bukit Gasing years ago? It about the same concept too, carbon sink. ;)  

The chairlift, so that you can see the whole area from top. Very panoramic. 
Allah Maha Besar kan? :')

Masa ambil gambar ni Azzah cakap, 'Depan sikit Wana, daun-daun kuning tu kena masuk jugak'. 
Hence the autumn theme. :D

Top view of the bridge.

Tak dapat canopy walk, jambatan gantung ni pun boleh la.

Belakang tu jambatan gantung yang tadi. Assume I'm not in the photo, dah layak buat gambar poskad kan latar belakang dia? Cantik sangat! Thanks to Azzah's Nikon.

The Tassie people
Senyum, tak perlu kata apa-apa. :)

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