Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jaulah Spring, Canberra


End of September, ahlul Musfirah (my usrah) had a jaulah to Canberra. The main attraction during Spring season at Canberra is their tulip festival, Floriade. 

Subhanallah subhanallah, the tulips were beautiful. The pictures give no justice to the real beauty of Allah's creations when you saw it with your own eyes. Credit to Hawa A. Latip, Fairuz Izyan, Jehan Sahid and me for the pictures. :D (saya punya yang gambar cikai-cikai tu okay)

We also got the chance to visit Australian National University (ANU). The ANU area was way bigger than UQ. You need to have at least bicycle to move around within the uni area. 

And on the last day, we had dinner at Nando's with the Canberranians. Depa belanja! 

P/s: Jika ada umur yang panjang (dan tiket flight yang murah), nak pergi ziarah Canberra lagi. Ameen.

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