Monday, April 13, 2009

Bukit Gasing

Everyone came into difficulties when they need to choose a topic for BIOL1030 video assignment. My group too. We can't simply pick any topic, as a real scientific data MUST be available for this project. We put lots of effort calling all GOs and NGOs we could find in the internet.

Yeah, sad to say that bureaucracy do limit our network and also succeed in putting us down. We almost gave up. Whenever we made calls, these GOs kept on holding it or passed it to someone else.

After so many obstacles, we finally made own decision to go to Bukit Gasing by our own. Depend solely on Nadzirah as my map reader (yg sgt ske buat ak cuak, kot2 la salah jln ke ape...) we managed to arrive safely. =]

*me accompanied by 3 'good' passengers*

*in front of Hutan Pendidikan Bkt Gasing*
But we haven't get the chance yet to really hike this secunder forest. Can't wait for this Sunday. Dr Khalitasan will assist us in our project =D

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reff fizan said...

xpaham..wah mcm meletop jer siap kol ngo,go bagai..g zoo sudah.cari haiwan teramcam n focus on it..but,luv ur week wanna go to sunshine coast AGAIn!memburu penyu~wekk