Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chemistry Video Conference

We had a link up session with UQ's pass leader at early as Fuh.... Luckily the session went smoothly. This pass session was meant for CHEM1030. And our seniors were also 2 of the 4 pass leader present at that day. So proud of them. They also earn some money when they work as pass leader. But I never know the figure of their salary.... huhu... That's Micheal and Elaine, and our senior were sitting (not in the camera). We learnt a lot from them. Thanks guys! U're rock!! (quote from Azimah) =D

On the previous day, we had our FIRST prac for chemistry. (gare2 ketiadaan bhn kimia utk experiment pertame) "The extraction of caffeine from instant coffee" The entire class failed to obtain the caffeine crystal due to the fact that we never use an instant coffee. Instead, the lab ass provided us with the blended coffee, not the instant one. Sigh..... Poor us. (-_-)

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reff fizan said...

ayyoooo..ciannye korang~terpikir aku yang dlm bnyk kemudahan yang ado kat cni,aku semakin rajin memontengkan diri kerana keboringan dan kewujudan unsur tidak bertanggungjawab pada diri aku~malunyer...