Saturday, February 12, 2011

My 22th birthday


Yesterday was my 1st birthday celebrated in Australia.

So I started my day yesterday by finishing my summer report. What a pathetic way to start your birthday huh? Then I submitted my assignment on the afternoon and visited lab to finalise few things. Then when I was on my way to the NextByte at UQ Union from Goddard building, I got a text message from Rafizan:
"Pukul berapa nak datang? Translation: What's time you'll be coming?"
Owh my! I forgot that I've promised to pay his moths a visit at his insect lab. Then I turned back to Goddard building. Okay done visiting the cute moths (eww~), I headed to the NextByte according to the original plan. I passed by the Boost juice booth at the UQ Union. Owh! I forgot about claiming my free Boost juice on my birthday using my Vibe card. Boleh pulak lupe? Free kot >.<"

Then I proceeded to the NextByte to settle couple of things; form for MARA claim laptop and GST claim documentations at the Gold Coast airport this Monday. Owh yeah! I'm coming Malaysia!

Okay done with all the stuffs at the uni, then I headed to RUN office at Toowong to submit the "Notice Intention to Leave". Say good bye to Sir Fred Schonell Dr peeps.

After that, I pay Auntie Nisyat a visit. She's will be leaving for India next Saturday. She is a very generous person. Remember my flood story where she cooked us lamb Briyani? (Click here) I treat her now like my second mother at Australia. She fed me with lots of foods! Alhamdulillah2. So I ate grilled lamb, butter chicken, potatoes, with rice. Wah. Tak celebrate birthday pun makan mewah jugak. :)

At Auntie Nisyat's place, Ainna did henna on my left hand. Syukran jazilan Ainna! So I balik nanti jangan nak ada gosip - gosip liar cakap I dah bertunang ke hape ye ;p

Then, after Maghrib prayer we went to uni for Arabic and Al Quran translation classes. Alhamdulillah I managed to add my Arabic vocabulary with few new words. And when the classes ended, jeng jeng jeng! 

Surprise! Surprise!

All the sisters were waiting for me outside the class to sing me a birthday song. :') And we were sit at the Great Court enjoying this lovely cheesecake. Thank you very much to everyone!

Phew~ What a day.

Eh eh! I haven't finish people.
I still have the last good thing that was happening yesterday. This:

Resignation of Hosni Mubarak.

They even celebrated it with fireworks. Owh, how I wish I could have joined them. :)

Aniqah and Syazwani sent me back home using Asma' after that. On tmy way back, I gazed up the sky.  MashaAllah. The stars were shining brightly that the deep dark sky on that night just emphasizing the sparkle of the beautiful stars.

I silently thanked Him for this one blessed day.


ayucera said...

(today is 11th Feb)
Happy Birthday Wana!!

hehe :)

Safwanah Azmi said...

okay ayu kamu main tipu ni
today is not 11 feb la

anyway, tq! :)