Thursday, February 10, 2011

The story of AUD200


This is another story of post-flood crisis. Roughly a week or two after the flood receded, UQ was offering  helps financially and emotionally to their students; locals and international. Anyone that was being affected by the flood is eligible to apply for this:

The Vice-Chancellor's Emergency Student Welfare Fund

Each successful applicant will received AUD200 being bank in direct to their account. And so I thought, why not I just apply? I'm not putting any hope though. I just want to apply. You know, if you get lucky you might get that AUD200.  Whoa! $_$ *kaching2*

On the day that I've submitted the fund application form, a lady brought me to her office and interviewed me. So she asked about my condition after the flood, how's the damage, any property that you've lost etc. For one of her questioned I slip tongued and accidentally said:
"My printer got affected, my TV....."
And she was jotting down all of this details on my application form. I was like, "Owh! She just wrote that on my application! This is not good because the truth is I never had a TV". On that time, I was too chicken to take back my words and corrected her. I don't know why. So I walked out of her room felt terribly guilty and wrong. I kept telling myself, "How should I fix this? How should I fix this?".

Ahhh! Maybe they will not even approved my application because I already received AUD170 from the state government. So I let my guilty went away. 

Few days after that I checked my bank account. And yes, they already bank in the AUD200. Okay I'm so dead. I know this money was not belong to me because I was kind of 'cheated' during the interview remember? This money is haram to me.

So I decided to give this money to some charity. Then I thought of Aqsa Sharif with their bread factory. Hmm.. Why not right? That night I logged in my Netbank and tried to make an international money transfer. But unfortunately it was unsuccessful. :( Tu la nak derma pun guna duit haram. Padan muka! See how Allah showed His warning sign because you were cheating to get that fund money. Even though you just slip tongued, in a way you still cheating. *bunyi suara-suara hasutan malaikat *

Okay fine. =.="

So I emailed this to that lady:

A week after that she was still not replying my email. Thus I send her the second email just to push her a bit:
Wahaha.. Berani mati je kan? Time nak hantar tu pun pejam mata, bismillah banyak2 then tekan "send" harap2 tak bounce back. Kalau tak, memang petanda amaran lagi satu dari Allah la. Gulp!

Then, finally she replied me (Phew!):

I quickly replied her email saying that:

Few days after that, I received an email again. But this time it came from the finance department itself!

With that, I solved my problem with my last email to them:

And now I'm at peace. 

Even I know that I have less AUD200 from my bank account. Alhamdulillah. I thank Allah for the chance that He gave me to return back the money, for His mercy to listen to my repentance, and the most important of all, for His unconditional love that He pour onto me and you. SubhanAllah~ InsyAllah there will be a better rizq (provision and sustenance) for me than this 200 bucks. 
".......And whoever fears Allah, for him Allah brings forth away out, and gives him provision (rizq) from where he does not even imagine. And whosoever puts his trust in Allah, then He will suffice him. Verily, Allah will accomplish his purpose. Indeed Allah has set a measure for all things" [65:2-3] 
Moral of the story:
Do not use haram money, do not ever lie, and do not burden your uni's administrative team like what I've did. Haha..

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