Thursday, August 26, 2010

Alkisahnya nasi briyani


Ok, today post is about my break fast at uni. As I said in previous post, there will always someone to sponsor ifthar meal. And most of the time, briyani with lamb will be served. Yang sponsor nye pon orang arab kn?

I often in a stage of, a bit reluctant to break fast with this meal. I always ask people to scoop my extras or offer them the lamb. What's left for me is the briyani rice, and that's the meal for my break fast.

And people always ask,
"Banyaknye lebih nasi ko. Tak nak ke?"
"Aku tak prefer daging merah la. Ko nak sikit?"
Or the answer will go,
"Aku tak makan la nasi ade warna ni. Rase pelik"
Yup, I'm fussy and being picky here. Plus, with the fact that red meat gives more harm than white meat, it just make me more reluctant to eat nasi briyani with lamb.

Then I recalled one hadith,
Narrated by Abu Hurairah (ra): "Rasullulah never critised any food. If he liked it, he would eat it. If not he would just leave it" [Bukhari & Muslim]

Fuh! I got served! Fells like this hadith slap me right on my face.

Because of that, the following day I brought my own scramble egg. My own lauk. No more complaints please..

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maggiesedapgiler said...

hah nak likes jugak ahhh:p