Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Their thought about Islam


It's been a loooong time not updating this blog. Alhamdulillah, Allah still loves me by giving me more and more obstacles.. Every day being here I gain new knowledge about the creation and the Creator itself, Allah Almighty.

Ok, enough said. This post will share my experience or my friends' regarding the opposite culture and religion that's minority here, Islam. And how they react or in other words what kind of paradigm they have when they thought about Islam.

Situation 1

Me and Atiqah went to Milton to pick up my Blackberry. It's been service for troubleshooting and software upgrade for about 3 weeks. We were just walked out of the train station when 2 not-so-educated-looking Australian man walked near behind us. Suddenly, one of that guy yelled at us with a pointed hand,

"Terrorist! Terrorist!"

We turned back at an impulse like we've been stroked by a lightning bolt, and just realised that it's only 4 of us left at that creepy train station. Allah knows how we both felt at that instance. :galit: With a shocked face still, I grabbed Atiqah's hand and we quicken our pace heading to any open area or any shops that we could search for. Atiqah sebelah aku ni pon da cuak habis, pe la mamat2 ni nk buat dgn ktorg. And yet those guy still trailing close behind us. Ya Allah, selamatkn la aku dan kwn ku...

Those guys stay close behind us until one of them (the other guy) said,

"Hey ladies, apology on behalf of my friend. He such a stupid guy don't you think so?"

And what else can we reply to him as to 'respect' the local here?

"No worries, it's ok" with a made smile faces trying hard to cover the shock and wariness inside. We strode our legs each time a step was made. Cepat la sampai.. Sooner those guys walked away after they think their insulting 'joke' has been apologised.

Tika, nasib baik ko ade teman ak time ni!

Situation 2

It was 9.00 pm and we (Tika and me again) just finished our tafsir class at uni. We were approached by an Indian man while we're waiting for the bus. We chatted with him about he's been working in Malaysia and how he appreciated Malaysian food so much. The conversation went well until he asked,

"So are you muslim? I see you are wearing the scarf.."
"Yes, we are" jawab dgn bangga nye smbil senyum.

"So do you read the Quran 5 times a day?"
With a raised eye brow I answered,angkatkening "No we don't"
And he gave us a mocking smile translated as, "You are wearing the scarf but not even fully abide the right practice"

Spe plak yg bg ajaran sesat kt die ckp muslim kene bace Quran 5 kali sehari?? Fitnah besar betul kt agama Islam.. Huh~

And I went on explaining to him the right thing.

"We don't cite Quran 5 times a day as it's not the compulsory component in Islam. We PRAY 5 times a day"

And again he gave us his refuse-to-believe face.

"So why I can't see any of you did it?"
"Because we pray in a room (aka surau) provided by the uni. It's for our convenience. It's over there near to that junction" as I pointed out the location of the surau.

He was not even gave a glimpse to the direction I had pointed him.

"So if an Australian guy want to marry you, can they?"
"Yes, but they need to convert to Islam first"
"Hahaha (evil laugh), it will turn up to be that guy converting YOU into their religion"

This guy want to provoke me or what?

Situation 3

This incident happen at the city of Brisbane. 2 of my friends (Aniqah and Atiqah) were waiting for someone. They wandered around when one teenager (muke cm geng2 punk, gothic look) approached them.

"Hey, why do you two wear that scarf?"
"Because we are Muslim"

And one more of their kind came and asked the same thing. Sooner, more and more of their gang came and circled my friends. They had been bombarded with different kind of questions about their attire and appearance by those teenagers. Up to some point, they felt like they have been threaten,

"Never mind guys, we are not interested to answer any more questions"
Luckily my friends just walked away before the number of their kind grew bigger.. Phew..


Situation 4

I once heard my friend told a story about three high school girls whose made an academic tour around UQ. She caught them whispering among each other making fun of her and her friends,

"Look over there (with a look pointed towards my friends). Buy 1 you get 3 for free" and they giggled.

Dorng ingat konsep bole kawen smpai 4 dlm Islam ibarat macam shopping barang2 bile tgh sale. They totally misled about this very one concept. Adoyai..

Moral of the stories:
Lots of people out there have not really understand what Islam is about and the true reason behind every practice and ibadah we've made everyday. Tambah2 lg dgn kewujudan makhluk2 yg konon Islam dan buat amalan tipu2 je mcm yg dlm situasi 2 tu. This kind of people give bad impression and wrong interpretation about Islam.

So, hadirilah kelas2 agama untuk tambah pengetahuan tentang Islam. Even you are born as Muslim, don't you think you understand Islam better than a mualaf kenyit. Bila org tanya pasal agama Islam kita dapat jawab dengan berhemah dan tepat tanpa beri pemahaman yang salah tentang Islam. In a way, kita pon dapat berdakwah dengan mereka.

Bila beramal dan beribadah, lakukan lah dengan cara yang betul. An individual muslim is a role model for the non muslim and each of us have the responsibility to picture to the non muslim the correct way of Islam. Peringatan utk semua dan diri sendiri juga..

With love,


sachiasukai said...

sayang,bersabarla...He's testing on u..
tqa yakin wana leh face dis or any other ctuation.kayh..hope dat u're always in safe.worried bila dengar cte2 camni..b cekal ye syg..^^

ayucera said...

nice post.
situasi 1 agak seram.bukan.memang seram.
betul tu.kite sbg muslim kena mantapkan pengetahuan kita ttg islam.jadi,klau non muslim tanya, kita bolehlah jawab dengan berhemah.
it is good dorg tanye psl islam, tapi kalau ada yg perlekehkan, kite kenalah bidas.
selamat berjuang wana!
wana,jgn keluar sorang2 kat sane

maggiesedapgiler said...

syukur kat sini aku tak pernah lagi jumpa atau dengar siapa2 kawan aku yang kena macam yang ko tulis kat atas tu. mostly yang aku jumpa kat sini memang respect kitorang. perhaps kitorang tak jumpa orang jenis yang kau ceritakan kat atas tu lagi kot.

. . . h u s n a . . . said...

mengalaman yg kO ta kan dpt kt tmpt len kOt :) sabar2 ..

Safwanah Azmi said...

Doakan guys! Semoga Islam kembali gemilang seperti zaman rasul dan khalifah dulu. InsyAllah..