Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mamat =)

Mamat is the nickname given to my youngest brother. His full name is Mohammad Syarizwan. He's now 13 years old and currently studying at SMI Hira'. I miss him dearly so much. He's such obedient boy, and of course quite good looking to... Macam abang2 die sume..senyumkenyit

He used to help me baking chocolate cake, and often steal my chocolate chip that I've prepared for the topping. Haha.. Nakal betul adik aku ni.. After that, he will offer himself to do the dishes, "Kak Yun, biar mamat basuhkan" and the true intention is always to clean (aka gune jari2 die utk kaut sebanyak mane) all leftover chocolate mixture that stick on the bowl.

We are like 1 kepale jgak la. I always kind of help (well actually I want to) him clean his face from all that white and black heads. Free spa for you! Haha.. Geram owh tengok white heads tu kt muke adik aku.. Well you know, boy who just grow up and learn to be a man, still don't know how to facial wash his face, which one is pimple and which one is just a bump on your face, and all those maturity stuffs. Love to see how he grows...sengihnampakgigi

He often ask for top ups too. Mamat ooi, aku pon baru dapat handphone time aku form5 tahu. Kau time tu baru darjah 6 da pandai sms2 ni..

And one thing for sure, we LOVE cats too.. Miow~


*trying to be octopus*

*LOLs! Nakal sangat ni..*
*time ni tgh melawat muzium, than jumpe batu tu yg ala2 org dulu2 buat tempat buang air besar*
*trying to put on tudung that my mom just bought. How's s/he? ihikhik*

Cepat la balik Malaysia! Rindu sume org...


JoeHaiRiL said... streaming on care for palestine does not exist la...

Safwanah Azmi said...

Haah la Jo
time ak upload tu bole stream lg
ak pon bingung nape dorng remove that video

xpe2 nnt aku akn slalu check webpage tu
if dorng ade upload blk
ak postup link tu kt blog ni