Friday, March 26, 2010


It’s been a month being here. New house (Malaysia is still my HOME =( Owh nk balik!), new friends, new lecturers, new way of teaching and learning, new environment, new culture, new skill, good system of public transportation =) I’m still trying to adapt to all these. Perhaps need 6 months to feel the ‘settle down’ inside out.

The memories of a month ago still remain fresh. Hoho.. Being welcomed at the Brisbane airport for the first time with a stewardess ready with a wheelchair was an unforgettable experience. Ni sume gare2 MAS bg mkn nasi sekali je selame 12 jam flight tu, masuk angin perut aku... Just after the plane was safely landed, I threw up one bag full. =.=” And definitely I’m the last passenger to disembark from that plane. The MAS stewardess started to call for a help from Brisbane airport and to my surprise, they came with an empty wheelchair. Owh, gamaknye memang aku la yg diorng nk sorong ni! As a result, the immigration officer held aka quarantined me at the main gate. Diorang takut aku ade penyakit atau bawak wabak ape2 ke.. Tak pasal2 plak kn...

Enough said. Next thing to share is my university. Market day during orientation week was great! Lots of people and booths were up for club registration. Stalls were selling breads, fruits, shawl, books, shirts and other great things too.

Below are pictures of Brisbane city. I went there with friends to have my aussie’s phone number. We stopped by at one halal mamak stall to have our lunch. Weee.... Ade mamak kt sini pon jadila.. =D

Owh yah.. Been to Stradbroke Island too, for FREE! Wee.. It's was a trip under biotechnology programme. The food they catered was great and we even had a chance to overnight at UQ's research centre over there. The scenery was magnificent, subhanAllah.. =) Nak pegi lagi!


ayucera said...

canteknya UQ
n stradbroke island too.
tu yg baju merah tu.siapa?!siapa?!!

Safwanah Azmi said...

gediks la ko ayu

yg baju merah tu researcher gak la
sje join kitorg..