Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The most awaited parcel has finally arrived!


Today I want to share about my parcel. What's inside it? Well definitely kuih raya and kerepek! What else to ship from Malaysia during this raya season right? Hee... It take almost a week, no matter what kind of shipping service you use. So guys, don't get cheated by Pos Laju or express delivery service like FedEx, DHL, or ABS. Whether you use the normal cheapest rate or the special expensive one, the parcel will always arrive after one week, guaranteed.

This 5kg parcel has safely arrived on last Thursday, which is a day before the Eid celebration! Pandai betul ayah aku timing kan? =) Thanks ayah! Love you much more. And this was what he text-ed me:

"Yun, kuih raya dah pos. Beratnya 5kg! (He always use exclamation mark inappropriately, haha...) Kena RM110.00. (Which is the cheapest, Hasanah used to pay almost RM300+ for almost the same weight) 2 minggu sampai. (Which is not, only need to wait for one week) Nanti dah sampai, sms ayah"

Totally torn up! Nasib baik wrapping paper kertas minyak je. Ganas betul kastam Australia.

Alhamdullilah, the parcel passed the inspection by the immigration (they are really fussy you know?),
and nothing have been confiscated! =D

3 types of kerepek.

Almond London and pineapple tart, my favorite!

Dek kne campak sane, baling sini kotak ni habis hancur tat nenasku.. =(


. . . h u s n a . . . said...

hahaha.. kesian tat nenas tuh :)

Safwanah Azmi said...

sian kan?
mcm da x ade rupe da, hancur luluh
nseb baik hanye damage 20% je
; )

saya said...

huhu.. samprit akak 70% jadi serbuk.. boleh makan dgn sudu...