Saturday, November 12, 2011

Post final exam


Alhamdulillah, I finished my final exam last Tuesday. It was only one written paper. I managed to finish it on time. I even giggled at my drawing in the booklet answer because I thought it was cute. Menyempat pulak kan nak main gelak-gelak kecil waktu exam. Semua orang tengah tense dan serius kot. Heh.

Last week of semester
Anyway. Some people were a bit 'envy' with us (referring to students majoring in plant biotechnology) as we only have one written paper for final exam. Well, I think that compensate back our tight scheduling of our last week on semester (24th-28th October). We were fully occupied with back to back submissions on that week. Don't believe? See my October iCal. I even put the percentage of each submission so that I know how to prioritise.    

Plus, my father pay me  a visit a week before those submissions due date (highlighted with purple bar). Fuh. Memang mencabar nak bahagi masa elok-elok. But I used that period of time to get lose and go easy with myself aka meronggeng. Hehhe. But still, on top of my head, I kept on thinking about my assignments.

So, it was a fair game right? :) Kami bersibuk-sibuk dahulu, kami bersenang-senang kemudian. Eh?

Post exam
Okay, back to the topic. Post final exam. Provided that some of the Jacaranda's flowers are still blooming, we went straight to UQ lake for camwhoring.

Muka-muka puas dah habis exam.

With Natsumi Maruta, our Japanese friend. I love the way the yellow flowers covered the green grass.

Kena marah dengan Mazni sebab tak mahu masuk formasi 'kipas'. Hehe.

P/s: To all my friends who will be sitting for exam next week, may Allah be with you and ease your way. InsyAllah. ^_^

[Credit to Diana and Mazni for the pictures]

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