Sunday, September 4, 2011

Eid Fest 2011


This gonna be a quick post. Yesterday, I volunteered for one big event to celebrate the Muslim community in celebrating Eid day. It was held at Mount Gravatt show ground. We set up stall under MECA project. All fund raised will be donated to build up mosque in our area, a proper mosque. But they like to call it as multicultural educational centre of Australia.

 Our stall have various activities!

Such as henna,

Kids face painting,

Fairy floss selling aka cotton candy!

Everyone have their own duty, and we rotated according to the schedule. And guess which task I was assigned to??? Cotton candy, yeay! So we have the cotton candy maker looks like this:

 Okay, this was my first time doing cotton candy. Don't expect much!

First, put one scoop of sugar into the middle of the machine. The electrostatic of the machine will turn the sugar into cotton-like floss.

Then, you take stick and circle the machine with the stick to collect the floss candy.

 We managed to raised AUD1600! Alhamdulillah. :D

At Eid Fest, they also have camel ride and various food stalls.

And I found this; Malaysian food stall! Went crazy over it. Hahah..

And I bought myself 2 abaya design and made by Aab collection from UK. Wasimah is one of their distributor at Queensland Australia. It was cheaper to buy directly from their distributor rather than buy online from their webpage. ;) It's a bit pricey but I rather go for its quality. Plus, abaya from Aab collection has a very unique design!

Overall, I love volunteering!

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