Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The last to check in.

In the name of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful, 

Rewinding back to last February 2011.

I remember of telling everyone including my parents that my flight back to Gold Coast was on 24th February. One day left before my 10-days-short-visit back to Malaysia was going to end. That evening, I packed, did some final shopping, and was checking my academic email for any updates about my new semester.

One email from Valda, the Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS) leaders coordinator caught my attention. In the previous week, she informed that I need to attend some training workshop. 

And I remembered of replying 'Yes, I'm able to attend the workshop' to Valda after checking my flight itinerary back to Gold Coast. The workshop will start few hours just after my flight touch down at Gold Coast, that was how I initially thought when I replied Valda's email.

But wait! 

How can I attend the workshop which was on 24th February if my flight back to Australia itself was on the same day?? The thing was, Air Asia flight to Gold Coast will only arrive on the next day. 

Thought of double checked my itinerary again. As I expected, I have wrongly read the flight dates! My flight was supposed to be on 23rd February night and arrived on 24th February the next morning.'
With shaking hands, I brought the itinerary to my mother and showed her.  
"Ibu, sebenarnya flight ke Gold Coast malam ni!"
"Eh, Yun biar betul?! Tak siap barang apa lagi, packing pun tak habis lagi."
My mother showed my itinerary to my father. He was getting ready for Maghrib prayer at next door surau.
"Haa.. Dah siap-siap. Lepas maghrib kita gerak LCCT"
I nodded to my father in disbelieve. Wahh.. So calm la my father..

Can we make it to the airport?? You even need to be there 2 hours before the departure time to check in your luggage and settle your boarding pass etc. 

By the time I realised about all of these, it was already 1 hour and 40 minutes left! My stuffs were all over the place, yet to be packed into 30 kg luggage in less than 20 minutes! *sweating*

Okay tak sempat nak Maghrib, memang niat solat musafir terus. Dalam flight nanti baru buat.

I grabbed all my stuffs and chucked one by one into my luggage. Trying to arrange them in appropriate manner to maximise the luggage space was not going to work in this tense moment. Hurry up hurry up hurry up!

Frankly speaking, I even have doubt whether we were going to make it or not. But I believe in the stress-free reaction given by my father. Allah will help us, he will make it.

After ensuring all of the stuffs were in the car, we made our move to LCCT. On my way, I asked my father if AirAsia can delay their flight to Gold Coast if my name was already in their passenger list. And he said,
"Nope, until you check in and have the boarding pass with you"
I was sitting at the back, sweating even though my father turn on the air-conditioner. What can I do at that moment was pray over and over again this particular supplication:
"Rabbi yassir wala tu'assir, Rabbi tham mim bil hayr (O' my Lord, make things easier for me, do not make things difficult for me)"
Closely watched the time. Double checked whether I've bring all important documents such as passport, itinerary, extra cash in case I exceed the luggage kgs etc. I even skipped my diner on that night. Lapar amat.. -_-

One by one signboards at the highway pass by. Setia Alam > Kuala Lumpur > Sepang > LCCT. Finally arrived! 

My father did not even parked his car. Dropped me off, we took out the luggage, walked straight to the check-in counter. Luckily the check in counter still open! Lega lega.. Showed my itinerary to the AirAsia officer. Weighed and checked in my luggage. Done!

By the time I walked away, they immediately closed the check-in counter. I'm officially the last person to check in. That was so closed!

Few days after that incident, I received an email from my father saying that, 
"Ayah tengok blog kamu dah lama tak update. Tak mahu cerita ke pasal kamu tak mandi sebab hampir tertinggal flight?"

Ni dah update la ni, kejadian 6 bulan yang lalu.

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